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VP, Strategic Insights, Alma

The head of strategy at Alma Advertising, Angela has spent 20 years uncovering the interplays between Global, U.S. and Latinx culture, thereby helping brands succeed with Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike.

Angela is responsible for all research, development of consumer insights and creation of creative strategies for Alma's clients. She also leads Alma’s Culture Lab, a think tank that leads the marketplace in Cultural Curation, Consulting and Research.

Through Culture Lab, Alma strategists monitor and report on cultural shifts among Hispanic and in American culture at large. These findings inspire Alma’s award-winning creative teams and provide fodder for Alma’s industry-impacting POVs and White Papers.

Angela agrees that everyone loves their kids but knows that the way individuals demonstrate it varies widely by culture and experience. Understanding those nuances means knowing when to go traditional vs. trendy vs. universal and is essential to good marketing in a world where messages need to be more personal than ever.