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CCO, Casanova/McCann

Elias was born and raised in Mexico City.  His first encounter with the entertainment and advertising industry was at Televisa, working on several Telenovelas.

After working in a couple of small advertising agencies in Mexico City, he moved to the U.S., where he had his first encounters with the U.S. corporate world, working as a copywriter for Procter and Gamble brands, for Bayer and Red Lobster restaurants.

He moved to California where he headed the Hispanic creative team for Toyota several years. There, he had yet another first encounter; now with the advertising award shows world, winning his -and the agency’s- first Clio.

Leaving California for Miami, he joined ALMA (formerly delRivero-Messianu) as a creative director for McDonald’s, Volkswagen and Continental Airlines.

He moved back to California, for his second encounter with Toyota.

In 2000, he celebrated the new millennium joining Casanova Pendrill (now Casanova/McCann).

Elias has won, almost won, lost and judged most national and international advertising awards such as Cannes Lions, London, Clio, New York Festival, Effies, FIAP, El Sol, Wave and Radio Mercury.