Nestlé CMO On Multicultural Marketing in the New Normal

May 18th, 2020

We live in a time where brands are being forced to step up and rethink their approach and their appeal not just because of COVID-19 but also to reach an entirely new multicultural audience in a culturally competent way.

Nestlé USA is ahead of other brands because it has invested the time and creativity necessary to become a frontrunner in the Hispanic market across its multiple brand portfolios and for this CMC named Nestlé USA as its 2020 Marketer of the Year.

Alicia Enciso, CMO for Nestlé USA and Ingrid Otero-Smart, president/CEO of Casanova/McCann talked about the culture marketing strategies for today and tomorrow. 

The wide-ranging webinar discussion covered: 

• How Nestlé USA prioritized outreach to multicultural audiences in a way that is inclusive and has had a positive impact on the community and the growing majority and how this will continue in our new reality;
• Brand activations for a diverse portfolio of iconic brands including Abuelita, Coffee-mate, Outshine, Hot Pockets, Nescafé Clásico, NIDO, Nesquik;

• Nestlé’s 360 approach to culture marketing extends beyond brand-specific efforts and into their corporate offices;

• Changes ahead in response to new market realities.




What Big Data And AI Reveals About The Impact Of Covid-19 On Diverse Communities

April 30th, 2020

In today's "new reality" we needed to better understand our customers, workforce, and our communities. Culturintel’s AI-powered tech mined over 100 million open-sourced and unsolicited digital discussions (happening everywhere beyond social media) to understand how people were organically related and expressing the impact of COVID on their everyday lives. Lili Gil Valletta, CEO of CulturIntel and Cien+, shared what the CulturIntel COVID-19 People IMPACTmeter analysis revealed about the economic, psychological, and emotional impact among Hispanics, bringing real-time and agile insights.
In the webinar, it was covered:
• What was the impact by gender and age groups?
• What it meant for our business, our employees, our communities, our consumers?

Moderated by: 
Victor Paredes, CMC Education Committee Chair and VP Creative & Content Strategy of Uniworld Group, Inc.

Lili Gil Valletta Co-Founder and CEO, CULTURINTEL & CIEN+













Creativity & Purpose Post COVID-19 Webinar

April 20th, 2020

Purpose-driven campaigns, creative expressions, and the creative industry as a whole have the unlimited potential to inspire action and progress towards advancing a better world. In this webinar we learned from leading creative Luis Miguel Messianu some best practices and the role of creativity as a force for good, particularly during this global pandemic.

Moderated by: 
Victor Paredes, CMC Education Committee Chair and VP Creative & Content Strategy of Uniworld Group, Inc.

Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alma





Understanding Cultural Intersections - A  Business Imperative Now!

January 30th, 2020

The fast paced cultural evolution of today’s America calls for marketers and business organizations to design their strategies and content for a new mainstream where understanding the interconnections of race, class, gender, age and culture is a business imperative. 

This panel explored this dynamic diversity and the strategic and cultural implications. With 2020 the first year where the under 18 population is predominantly multicultural and when people of two or more races will be the fastest growing population group for the next 40 years. We explored what to expect in the new decade and best practices for succeeding in an ever changing multicultural America in 2020 and beyond.


Moderated by:
Victor Paredes, CMC Education Committee Chair and  VP Creative & Content Strategy of Uniworld Group, Inc.



Karina Dobarro, SVP Managing Director of Horizon Media
Claudia Oddo, Audience Marketing of Pandora
Telly Wong, SVP & Chief Content Officer of IW Group


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