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2018 Hispanic Market Guide


Welcome to the new 2018 Hispanic Market Guide, an unparalleled competitive intelligence tool for locating and targeting the top agencies in the market. With culture marketing specialists in top demand, this digital guide serves as the authority for identifying companies with trusted culture specialists along with their capabilities, client roster and key contacts.

In addition, the CMC provides the topline results of its groundbreaking research, Digital Lives 2018: A World of Digital ‘Everything’ through a Cultural Lens, which revealed that culture drives digital behavior regarding how information is shared, how on-demand content is consumed and which platforms are chosen, permeating outside of in-culture spaces and across non-Hispanic white, Hispanic and non-Hispanic African-American segments.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Top advertising, media and marketing companies vetted by the CMC that specialize in the Hispanic market
  • Key advertiser and agency relationships, specialties and contacts
  • Comprehensive demographic, marketing and media information
  • Digital behaviors and insights, including how presence in cultural platforms, in-culture ads on mainstream sites and organic diversity in social media and video content are some of the critical strategies that resonate across all audiences and increase brand engagement


Download your complimentary copy here