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Partner, PM3

Eduardo is a founding Partner of PM3. Along with business partners he launched PM Publicidad (now PM3) in 2003, and has led the Hispanic marketing and advertising agency’s growth from three to almost fifty employees across two offices.

Eduardo’s professional background prior to starting the agency was primarily on the client side, mostly with Astral Group S.A. (now Fluidra S.A.), a Barcelona, Spain-based multinational, followed by several years in the e-commerce and digital development space.

Eduardo serves on advisory boards for The Florida State University’s College of Communications and Information, and FSU’s The Center for Hispanic Marketing. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and events on the subject of U.S. Hispanics, their culture and marketing to them.

Eduardo was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and spent his summers with family in Spain and Costa Rica. He was educated at The Florida State University where he earned degrees in International Affairs and Political Science. A life long athlete, former professional road cyclist and passionate sports fan, Eduardo remains highly active in sports and is an avid polo player.