Expectations for 2018: The Ever Increasing Power of Culture in Marketing

December 12th, 2017

With culture specialization and segmentation continuing to be hot topics, our industry is looking ahead to what we can expect for Hispanic and multicultural marketing budgets, activations and the expanding role culture plays across all marketing disciplines in 2018. A stellar panel of leaders will bring out their crystal balls and share their predictions, insights and musings for the new year.

Moderator: AHAA Education Chair Sandra Alfaro, managing director at Wing


Natalie Boden, president & founder, Boden
Mario Carrera, chief revenue officer, Entravision
Greg Knipp, chief executive officer, Dieste
Marco Vega, co-founder and chief strategy officer, We Believers



Latina 2.0: Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential & Familia Forward Hispanic Consumer Report 

October 12th, 2017

Join AHAA and Stacie de Armas, Nielsen's Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement as she discusses highlights from Nielsen's 2017 Diverse Intelligence Series Hispanic Consumer Report, Latina 2.0: Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential & Familia Forward. de Armas details both the FMCG and media consumption of Latinas, showing their increased influence over the U.S. mainstream and the opportunity for growth this impressive consumer group presents to a variety of industries. de Armas will also highlight the latest demographic, social media & technology usage trends of this economically powerful and culturally influential, bilingual group.

Speaker: Stacie de Armas, vice president of strategic initiatives and consumer engagement, Nielsen




The Best of Cannes: How master storytellers connect with audiences & win big!

September 19, 2017

AHAA is bringing together some of the best agency storytellers who won big at Cannes this year! You'll learn from the creative powerhouses from Alma, Dieste and wing - how they brought award-winning campaigns to life from the right consumer insights that aligned with their brand's personality, how they sold their concepts to the client, how their story was amplified through other marketing vehicles (PR, social media, promotions, events, etc.), and when was the moment they knew they had something special! Perhaps this webinar will inspire your work, give you tips on the application process, and help more Hispanic specialists continue to be recognized for their work!

Aldo Quevedo, principal/creative director, Richards/Lerma

Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman, CEO, Alma
Raul Mendez, creative director, Dieste
Pepe Aguilar, chief creative officer, wing


Webinar: "The Latino Trump Supporter: Challenging Stereotypes"

July 27th, 2017

One of the highlights of the the 2017 AHAA Annual Conference was a panel on "Multiculturalism and Today's Media" following the 2016 election. While there has been much research done on the 'forgotten middle America' who voted for Trump, there hasn't been a study done on the 28% of Latinos who also voted for him. In this exclusive webinar, you'll hear the results of a new study by Paco Collective and VSI, which debunks the myth of a monolithic Latino voting block and speaks to a growing Hispanic diversity that transcends ethnicity and nativity. You'll not only learn where this group falls demographically but also their values, motivations and sources of tension. Most importantly, what role does culture and diversity play in their consumer behavior, purchase decisions and brand engagement? You might be surprised by the results!”

Michele Cordoba, Founder/Director for VSI
Ozzie Godinez, CEO of Paco Collective
Mari Sanchez, Sr. Planner of Paco Collective





Cross-Platform Measurement in the Evolving Landscape

April 25th, 2017

This webinar will provide an overview of comScore’s measurement across platforms for the Hispanic demographic as well as general viewing population. The presentation will explore the various ways that Hispanic audiences are accessing media content across OTT, Mobile, and VOD.

Speaker: Julia Carroll, Sales Manager, comScore



Hot Topics in Public Relations for 2017 

February 21st, 2017 

Technology and the explosion of digital platforms has changed the face of public relations and the way brands engage with consumers, particularly in the Hispanic market. We have a powerhouse panel of PR and social media experts from Boden,
d expósito & partners, Orcí and República who will provide us with insights and predictions for what is trending in this dynamic space for 2017 and beyond.

Natalie Asorey, Head of Social Media, Boden
Michelle Maldonado, Director of Public Relations, d expósito & partners
Byron Beach, Digital Social Strategy, Orcí
Lourdes Mateo de Acosta, SVP, Communications, República


A Wealth of Opportunity: Upscale and Luxury Hispanic Markets

January 31st, 2017 Join us for the first segment in our Emerging Hispanic Segments of Great Potential Webinar Series. Did you know that 1 in 4 Hispanics earn more than $100K? Did you know that 48% of all Hispanics on the Internet earn over $60K?* Both luxury and upscale are rapidly growing segments in the Hispanic market and are wielding enormous buying power and influence. Building on AHAA's Upscale Latino research, this webinar features a panel of experts sharing recent and exclusive data on this segment's outlook on the U.S. economy, and planned purchases in the next 12 months. Featuring case studies and consumer insights from categories that include luxury automotive, finance, healthcare, and premium alcohol, this webinar will provide best practices on how brands can best engage with this affluent segment. *Source: comScore Speakers: • Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk, Co-founder & Principal, ThinkNow Research • Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, Chief Hispanic Marketing Strategist, Walton Isaacson • Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, Semilla AD's Founder/President

Click here to view the NAHREP study link.